Knowledge Base

Sign up and deposit BSV into your account.

Once you set up Money Button account, you can play games in Peergame by swiping a payment button.

Currently We accept Bitcoin SV (BSV). is a Bitcoin SV-powered payment platform. It is a simple way to make or accept payments over the Internet.

Peergame pays out The rewards instantly back to your wallet. You should be able to receive the rewards within seconds or even less than a second.

Bitcoin SV is a Bitcoin project that restores the original Bitcoin protocol which is fast, stable, and massively scalable.

Bitcoin SV maintains the vision set out by Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper in 2008: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

Depending on the network status, there could rarely be a delay. If the payment amount is not clickable (colored as black), it means the payment has not been made yet.

If you continue to have the delay issue, please feel free to send us a message at the support chatroom.

Peergame is a gaming platform in which you can prove its fairness. The random number generation is derived from transparent blockchain data, and every bets are recorded immutably on the blockchain.

Each game’s fairness system is explained on “Fairness” section of the game page.

If you swipe Money Button many times in a short period of time, you may get an error and have to wait about ten minutes before you can swipe again. This “speed limit” error is not related to Money Button itself but is caused by a scaling limitation in the Bitcoin SV node software.

It is not possible to send more than twenty-five unconfirmed transactions in a chain per block with the current version of the Bitcoin SV node software. Fortunately, you can work around this using our new UTXO management tool to split your UTXOs. Please refer to the link below for detailed instructions.
Raising the speed limit

You can find your TxID at Money Button wallet page.
Your transactions are listed in the transaction history section and each transaction has #tx button on the bottom. If you click that button and you will find your TxID and more information about your transaction.